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Resonance by David Evans
During 2000, David Evans commissioned a spruce/Brazilian instrument which he used to record his Resonance release.   A clear sonority is evident throughout his recording.   Regarding the music, David writes: "I have chosen to record the repertoire for this recording because each piece has a character and sonority that reflects and captures the essence of the classical guitar."  
Koyunbaba - Moderato  C. Domeniconi

Koyunbaba - Mosso  C. Domeniconi

Koyunbaba - Presto  C. Domeniconi

B.W.V. 998  J.S. Bach

Sevilla  Issac Albeniz

Usher-Valse  Nikita Koshkin

A Truly Classical Christmas by Masakazu Ito
In 1997, Masakazu Ito took delivery of a spruce/Brazilian instrument featured on his Truly Classical Christmas release.   The instrument’s bright, yet deeply resonant character manifests itself as Masa skillfully performs his cheerful and poignant holiday repertoire.  
El Noi de la Mare  Muguel Llobet

Pavanas, Fuga and Canarios  Gaspar Sanz

Noel  Takashi Yoshimatsu

The First Noel  Arr. Masakazu Ito

Stephen Waechter Plays American
Stephen ordered a cedar/Brazilian guitar in 1996, and a few years later he decided to record his Plays American release with the instrument.   Waechter describes his guitar as having "wonderful lyrical quality along with [a] full bodied sound."   His guitar’s deep, rich timbre accentuates the mysterious world found in Sketches for Friends and Blackwood’s Sonata, Op. 29.  
Sketches for Friends - 33rd St. Ballad  Brian Head

Sketches for Friends - Lobster Tale  Brian Head

Sonata, Op. 29 - Moderato  Easley Blackwood

Sonata, Op. 29 - Vivo  Easley Blackwood

Acoustic Mayhem by Dave Beegle
Late in 2006, Dave Beegle recorded part of his live Acoustic Mayhem performance with a flamenco blanca from my workshop.   Performing at the historic Loveland Rialto Theater, the instrument's crisp flamenco attack is showcased by Dave's tremendous technique, adding fire to his World fusion instrumental music.