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"Colorado-based luthier Larry Breslin is one of the most interesting and appealing guitar makers in America today.   His instruments, built at his state-of-the-art Deerhead Guitars workshop in Colorado Springs, reflect his continuous search for optimum quality, playability and projection, as well as his deep love and commitment for and to the art and traditions of guitar building.   Breslin’s guitars are also an exceptional value, since they sell for only a fraction of what comparable concert instruments from other makers would sell for.   The professional as well as the serious amateur looking for high-quality, responsive, playable and affordable concert-quality guitars will be well advised to seriously consider purchasing a Deerhead Guitar from Larry Breslin.   They will not be disappointed."

Ricardo Iznaola
    Chair, Guitar and Harp Department
    Director, Conservatory Program
    Lamont School of Music
    Denver University
"Larry Breslin is one of the most sought after luthiers of our time.   His guitars possess big sound, beautiful tone and great craftsmanship.   I have owned my Deerhead guitar since 1997 and it has been accompanying me to many places across the world playing public concerts and recording sessions."

Masakazu Ito
    Concert Guitarist and Instructor
    Lamont School of Music
    Denver University
"To us fortunate guitarists in Colorado, we have in Larry Breslin a luthier who has consistently delivered great guitars for many years.   Larry’s guitars have it all– beautiful materials, first-rate craftsmanship, great playability– all with outstanding balance and clarity to match.   Now with internet guitar sales booming, without a doubt Larry’s guitars will inhabit the far corners of the earth, pleasing the lone player who yearns for the solace only a great guitar can give.   In addition, Larry is among the humblest and down-home of people to deal with– and doesn’t gouge you with his prices.   Put an order in today and get a dream guitar you can play for your happy lifetime."

Alex Komodore
    Concert Guitarist and Assistant Professor of Guitar
    Metro State College of Denver
"I have been a proud owner of one of Larry’s cedar and Brazilian rosewood guitars since 1996.   His guitars have a wonderful lyrical quality along with full bodied sound.   Aesthetically, the guitar is beautiful; however, after many years of “hard work” it looks to be a regularly used instrument (which it is).   The back and sides are gorgeous.   I have also been pleased with his excellent service whenever a minor adjustment has been necessary.   I have been unhesitant in recommending his guitars to my students and professional colleagues, and have been pleased with how he has provided them with fine instruments and a warm and cordial player/builder relationship."

Stephen Waechter
    Concert Guitarist and Instructor (retired)
    College of Performing and Visual Arts
    University of Northern Colorado
"I have played a variety of Deerhead Guitars over the years and found them to be excellent.   The craftsmanship is of a superior caliber and luthier Larry Breslin always stands behind his instruments, providing customers with all the necessary adjustments and repairs as needed.   For both advanced students and professionals, I highly recommend Deerhead guitars."

Dr. Charles Wolzien
    Professor of Guitar
    College of Music
    University of Colorado at Boulder