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Over the YearsOver the Years

Recently Commissioned Guitars
This gallery of recently commissioned instruments is a pictorial with little, if any, narrative.   It will be an ongoing feature, growing steadily as projects progress in my workshop.   Each picture will hopefully be worth a thousand words to you.  
  David in California - Bear Claw Engelmann/Brazilian 7-String Double-top  
  Masakazu Ito in Denver - Cedar/Brazilian Double-top Classical  
                                         Visit masakazuito.com  
  Jeanette in Michigan - Cedar/Brazilian Classical  
  Christina in Texas - Engelmann Spruce/Brazilian Classical  
  Jeremy in California - Cedar/Brazilian Classical  
  Jonathan in Colorado - Cedar/Brazilian Classical  
  Patrick in Colorado - Cedar/Brazilian Classical  
Notable Past Commissions
This gallery contains notable past instruments, including a flamenco negra named "Poca Loca" (little crazy), a flamenco blanca for Nessa Marquez and her parlor guitar, made of California redwood and pearwood.  
  "Poca Loca" - Bear Claw Engelmann/Brazilian Flamenco Negra  
  Nessa in Denver - Redwood/Pearwood Parlor Guitar  
                           - Cedar/Brazilian Classical  
                           - Flamenco Blanca  
                             Visit nessamarquez.com  
  Trent in Portland - Engelmann/Brazilian Double-top Classical