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Welcome to my new website.   As you explore, I hope you find the experience both informative and enjoyable.   It has taken me some time to come close to finalizing this website.   There are more full-size guitar pictures to come and perhaps a video in the near future.   I would very much appreciate your feedback concerning this site.   If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  

Deerhead guitars are desired and appreciated because of their sound quality, excellent playability, accuracy and beauty.   The combination of superior woods and superb craftsmanship makes each guitar highly valuable.   Each instrument is made to order, with careful consideration for the guitarist's needs and preferences.   Although often compared to instruments costing much more, Deerhead guitars are competitively priced in the marketplace.  

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From Tree to Guitar
Different luthiers specialize in certain aspects of guitar making.   This guitar maker particularly enjoys locating his woods in their natural, pre-milled log form, then transforming them to guitar dimensions.   Harvesting large logs and refining them to instrument wood is work usually not undertaken by most guitar makers.   This labor of love requires a fully equipped woodworking shop with very specialized tools.  

Over the years I have collected, treated, and stored a substantial quantity of rare, expensive and highly desirable woods.   Among these are old growth Brazilian rosewood acquired decades ago- choice wood for classical guitars- and Engelmann spruce from the forests of northern Colorado.  

Of particular interest is the Engelmann, which came from the largest tree felled by its timber yard in 50 years.   Each log was hand-split, dried and stored, later cut into hundreds of sets, featuring the rare and exquisite bear claw pattern for which Engelmann spruce is renowned.  

Cuban cedar, often used for cigar boxes, was acquired in large quantities from Cuban cigar makers in Key West, Florida to be crafted into necks and bracing on future classical and flamenco guitars.  

Spanish cypress, reserved for flamenco guitars, was acquired when visiting Granada, Spain, some of the last cypress cut at the Alhambra.  

These are just a few of the woods gathered over the years and available at the Deerhead workshop.   Some billets have been carefully stored and air-dried for nearly 40 years.   Others are fairly recent acquisitions like the old growth redwood discovered in northern California.   A trip to South Africa will hopefully yield high quality ebony, which will be used for fingerboards.  

Remarkably, very little if any wood in a Deerhead guitar is ordered though instrument makers' catalogs.